Sunday, 8 May 2016

Voigtlander 15mm Sony E-mount Version Lens | Full resolution sample shots

This week I got a chance to test the new version of the 15mm Voigtlander lens meant for the Sony E-mount full frame cameras so the whole A7 range. Along with the mount change the lens has been a little updated: new metal body and contacts to provide communication with the camera. My asumption was that the optics hasn't been changed compared to the Leica M mount in the IIIrd version, but I can't be sure especially because I have a strange feeling that the image doesn't look the same. If any of you guys own the IIIrd version of the Leica M 15mm please let me know if the image is comparable.

it looks great and feels very solid - like all Voigtlander lenses I used

The Leica M version has been around for over a year, and we have all seen the samples or used the lens. The optics have been praised a lot. This new mirrorless-intended version is still great, don't get me wrong, the image is contrastive, there is very little flare and CA and the sharpness is amazing almost across the whole frame, but the extreme corners look disappointingly soft. This is not very serious as this affects only a small portion of the image and with such a ultra wide angle lens it is kinda understandable, but I have a feeling that the Leica M version was not that soft even around the edges.

top right corner at 1:1

The fact that the lens has got contacts makes using it fantastically easy. You still have to turn the focus and aperture rings to make changes, but now you can see the parameters in the viewfinder without having to take a look at the lens. The aperture value is also saved in EXIF data. Take a look at this video for yourself:

You can see the sample shots below at 1200x800px or check out the full photos on my flickr with exif data