Thursday, 1 November 2012

56: The Cheapest TILT LENS Ever! 65$

It's official now. I'm a terrible blogger, but I will try to make up for the silent months.

Over six months ago I bought Sony NEX and surprisingly it proved to be the best camera I have. I have recently purchased a 40$ tilt adapter for M42 lenses and a great M42 lens Cosinon 1.8/50 for 25$. This combo is really great and it allows me to make a whole lot of great photos each day. Just take a look at these snapshots and bear in mind that this great tilt lens cost me 65$!!! CHEAPEST TILT LENS EVER. Long live Sony NEX. (and other mirrorless, apart from the ones with tiny sensors)

Typical tilt miniaturization effect.

This lens has amazing bokeh and very little chromatic abberrations - both great for tilt use.
No particular purpose, just looks cool this way :)
The out of focus areas definitely add ambiance and build atmosphere.
This way you can pick out a subject and separate it from the background.
I was able to focus both on the background and the window I was looking through.